Water Policy Expert Manny Teodoro Joins the Water & Health Advisory Council

August 3, 2022
Water Policy Expert Manny Teodoro Joins the Water & Health Advisory Council


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Water Policy Expert Manny Teodoro Joins the Water & Health Advisory Council

August 3, 2022 (Washington D.C.) – The Water and Health Advisory Council (or Council) today announced that water utility management, policy, and finance expert Manny Teodoro has joined the Council to help advance their mission of bringing clarity and context to fast-moving drinking water issues.

“Safe, accessible drinking water is essential to the public health of this country. I’m delighted to join this team of experts whose goal is to help inform our nation’s leaders on a science-based approach to water policy,” said Manny. “My work in the water sector has been some of my most challenging and exciting work to date, and I’m looking forward to furthering it on the Council.”

Manny holds a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Lafollette School of Public Affairs & Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and joins the Council with expertise in water management, policy, finance, and environmental justice issues. He has also worked directly with governments and water sector leaders across the U.S. in developing analytical methods for utility rate equity and affordability.

“We’re thrilled to have Manny join our Council and help guide our focus on pressing drinking water priorities facing the drinking water community today,” said Council Chair Rob Renner. “We’re confident that Manny’s unique expertise in water science and public policy implementation will provide insight that contributes greatly to the Council’s mission.”

Manny’s work in the water sector includes various applied research projects on water and sewer utility management, policy, and finance. He has served on expert advisory panels to state and local governments, UNICEF/World Health Organization, and the American Water Works Association.


About Water & Health Advisory Council

The Water & Health Advisory Council is an independent, multidisciplinary group of water professionals committed to providing clarity and context to water policy makers, public health professionals and the public to help them navigate complex issues and assure protection of our nation’s drinking water supply from all valid threats. We provide resources by compiling the best science and technology information and offer critical evaluations of policy, priorities, and options. Visit us at @WaterAdvisory and www.wateradvisory.org.


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